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A $50.00 deposit may be required for some services, which will be deducted from the total at the end of your service.

Deposits are required for Kids braids, Knotless braids, Goddess braids, Natural dreadlocks, and extensions dreadlocks. Please call the shop for deposit instructions.

Weave is applied by braiding the natural hair with a synthetic hair into cornrows first, then using a needle and thread to sew the weave into the braid/cornrows.

Box braids is among the most popular hairstyles, because is easy to maintain and is part of a protective styles. This protective style allows you to keep your natural hair free from manipulation and out of the way. Before getting box, you need to consider the color, length and the size you wish. Once they are installed, there are several ways in which you can style them.

Crochet hair takes less time compares to box braids. We start first by cornrowing the hair and then cover the crochet braid around the cornrows along the loop. Crochet hair most of the time come premade with extensions. Some of them are pre-looped, which means they have a little ring at the start of the braids. Pre-looped hair also come loose hair whichever can be curly, kinky and straight.

Cornrows is a protective hairstyle which is divided in a section of hair that is braided mostly flat to the scalp also this hair hairstyle in which the hair is divided into cornrows sections form in rows. Cornrows is a style of hair braiding, by using an underhand, upward motion to make an endless, raised row.

Dutch braids which also been called French braid. They are great and fun summer style; it is a form of cornrows with an extension. Dutch braids are two big cornrows with extension of choice. Before the installed you can pick any fun colors.

Clip-in extensions are the least permanent style of extensions because you can quickly remove them and put them back as you which. All we must do is clip the pieces to your natural hair.

Microlink are applied by attaching tiny wefts of hair to small sections of the natural hair with a small silicone bead, with a special tool to secure the bead to the hair and tightened to hold it in place.

The extensions come as pre-taped and then taped together on either side of your own hair, as a sandwich. Tape-ins are considered semi-permanent depends on how well you take care of them and how quickly your hair grows.

The Nano ring is the basic and most original way to apply hair extensions. They are little, comfortable and roughly hard to detect. The Nano ring is applied in the same fashion as the micro ring.

The crochet method helps to brings in the strays. Also, is a great way to keep your dread clean and neat. For the crochet method, we use the crochet needle, and tightening the roots. The palm rolling is the second method that helps knots in dreads tighten and shrink. It also gets short loose hair on the surface of the dread inside. To palm roll we simply grab the dread between the base of the palms and rub it back and forth firmly.

Pick and drop is tying synthetic braids to the root of the hair, braid a few centimeters and leave it. For every woman with short natural hair, this hairstyle permit you to have longer hair.

Hot oil treatments are one of the popular option when it comes to protecting and nourishing dry, breakable hair. Hot oil treatment work by secure the hair cuticle. It also helps to strengthen and protecting your hair.

Deep conditioning is another option when it comes to treating your hair. Applying a deep conditioner to the ends restore oils also prevent breakage and split ends. To apply the conditioner, we must put the mixture and put a shower cap and a low heat dryer, let the deep conditioner to penetrate the hair, we usually recommend 20-40minutes.

Relaxer is a cream that helps to straighten kinky or extremely curly hair it reduces the curly or kinky hair by breaking down the hair strands and chemically altering the texture.

Weave tightening, is for the ladies that don’t have time to get the weave taken down and redone. If the hair is more than few weeks old, we will consider to take them out and redone. To tightening the weave, we just got to take the sewing part out and pull the braid together and re-sew the extensions back on the braid.

Full weave is a protective style, which your whole hair is braided into cornrows and extension sew on. This style is good for people who is trying to give break to their natural hair, or wish to have different color, without chemically changing their natural hair, or wish to have different texture of hair: (curly or straight). Also, recommended for people with short hair, that cannot have blend it weave.

Texturizers commonly use the chemical sodium hydroxide (lye). Hair contains proteins referred to as keratin amino acids. One of the major amino acids in keratin is cysteine. Cysteine contains a disulfide bridge, which causes the hair to kinky and this is what makes the hair curly. Chemicals contained in texturizers such as lye break the hydrogen bonds of the disulfide bridge, altering the physical structure of each strand and loosening the curl.

The comb twist, is a nice natural style for shorter length hair, offering a sleek look with ultimate versatility. Starting from root of strand, wrap hair around comb in a circular motion while pulling down to form curl. Observe the small sections of comb twists as you work your way from the nape to the forehead.

Braid tightening is when you have new grows after two months and you don’t want to take them off. You take the front out and we re-braid it for it to be freshly new again.

Wig sew is when you want your wig secretly attached to your head for couples weeks or month without using glue.

Box braids in the back and cornrows in the front

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